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Microsoft Windows was launched 30 years ago today

The year 2015 was a milestone for the technology realm. Both eBay and Amazon ditched their teenager tags and celebrated 20 years in business, while IMDb turned 25. Elsewhere, the humble .com domain name reached 30 years of age, as the first dot-com domain was registered in March 1985.

However, 1985 was a notable year for [...]

Manually updating SharePoint databases with PSconfig

In order to update the SharePoint databases, you must manually run the PSconfig utility.
1. Open an Administrative command prompt. 2. Change directory to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\%VERSION%\BIN 3. Run PSConfig.exe -cmd upgrade -inplace b2b -force -cmd applicationcontent -install -cmd installfeatures

Microsoft Authorised Education Reseller 2015 – 2016

Readycrest continues to be certified to supply academic volume licensing.

Understanding REIN and SHINE

What are REIN and SHINE?
Repetitive Electrical Impulse Noise (REIN) and Single Isolated Impulse Noise (SHINE) describe interference that can affect the stability and performance of a Broadband service. In both cases, a power source is generating interference in the frequencies used by the ADSL Broadband service.

REIN is where this interference is generated for the duration [...]

Cryptolocker victims to get files back for free

By Mark Ward Technology correspondent, BBC News (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-28661463)

Before now Cryptolocker victims had to pay a hefty fee to get the keys to unlock their data.
All 500,000 victims of Cryptolocker can now recover files encrypted by the malware without paying a ransom.
The malicious program encrypted files on Windows computers and demanded a substantial fee before [...]

Configuring a Microsoft Exchange mailbox on Android devices

The below instructions require information specific to the Exchange Server within your company.
Should you require assistance with this information, then please contact the Readycrest support team.

1. Touch Apps.
2. Touch Settings.
3. Scroll to and touch Accounts.
4. Touch Add account.
5. Touch Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.
6. Enter your workplace email address.
7. Touch Password.
8. Enter your email account password.
9. Touch [...]

Windows users warned over spammed-out gadget malware attack


Windows users are at risk of having their computers infected, after a malware attack posing as an “important company update” was spammed out.
The emails, which use forged headers to pretend to come from the same domain as your email address (in other words, if you have an email of fred@example.com the email will purport [...]

ExchangeDefender Outlook 2013 add-in

ExchangeDefender has release an ne add-in for Outlook 2013 which can be downloaded from here
This add-in allows you to access your most frequently used ExchangeDefender functions such as management of SPAM quarantines, whitelists, stats and so on. The plugin will refresh the data every 30-60 minutes (or in realtime if you prompt it to [...]

Configuring iPhone and iPad (IOS 7) devices to connect to Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes.

Please follow the instructions below for connecting your iPhone or iPad to an Exchange server (the screen shots below are taken from an iPad running iOS 7 so may differ slightly from your own device).
At section 8 you get the choice of what to synchronise in terms of Mail, Contacts and Calendars.
1. From the Home [...]

How To Create a Windows 8 Recovery Drive

Open the Windows 8 Control Panel. Windows 8 includes a tool to create a Recovery Drive and it’s most easily accessible from the Control Panel.
Tap or click on the System and Security link.Note: You won’t see System and Security if your Control Panel view is set to Large icons or Small icons. In your case, [...]